Least Privileged Posture Management On-Demand Demo

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Opal Security’s identity security platform enables security and IT teams to provide least privileged access at scale in complex environments. Rather than gluing together multiple products - IGA, PAM, and CIEM tools and filling the cracks between them with manual effort and spreadsheets, Opal provides efficient coverage across your identity security program from a single, modern platform.

Watch this demo to learn how Opal Security can:

  • Achieve birthright access
  • Access risk analytics
  • Provision just in time
  • Automate user reviews
  • Remediate in real-time

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About Opal Security

Opal Security offers a unified identity security solution, empowering complex businesses to manage access to critical systems and data.  With Opal Security’s unique risk-driven approach, security and IT teams can remediate the most important issues quickly, control access at depth for greater precision, and implement user-friendly just-in-time workflows to prevent over-privileged access from growing.  The platform enables least privilege access at scale across the enterprise, reducing overall risk, minimizing the blast radius of incidents, and ensuring compliance - without sacrificing enterprise growth.

*Please note: Invitations are non-transferrable, but if you'd like an invite, please email Erick Baldwin at erick@opal.dev