Meet with Opal Security at RSA: May 6 - 9

Come meet the Opal Security team to discuss the challenges tech-forward companies face managing identity securely, and see how our newest capabilities help you:

▫️Implement practical and efficient least privilege access at scale across complex organizations

▫️Manage identity security issues the way you manage security - with detection, risk-based prioritization, and fast remediation to reduce breach risk and blast radius

▫️Unify identity security tools into a single platform to eliminate manual effort, workarounds and spreadsheets gluing the process together

Reserve Your Time


Step away from the noise and commotion of the convention and join us in our suite at the Hotel Zetta, just one block away. RSVP here!

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About Opal Security

Opal Security offers a unified identity security solution, empowering complex businesses to manage access to critical systems and data.  With Opal Security’s unique risk-driven approach, security and IT teams can remediate the most important issues quickly, control access at depth for greater precision, and implement user-friendly just-in-time workflows to prevent over-privileged access from growing.  The platform enables least privilege access at scale across the enterprise, reducing overall risk, minimizing the blast radius of incidents, and ensuring compliance - without sacrificing enterprise growth.

*Please note: Invitations are non-transferrable, but if you'd like an invite, please email Erick Baldwin at